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The emphasis of my work is on facilitating true healing.

My initial career was in scientific research both in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry. As I delved more into modern medicine, I became interested in finding natural holistic ways to facilitate deep healing.   

I spent the past 20 years on the spiritual path, exploring different healing, philosophical, and religious traditions. My approach to healing takes into account all aspects of one's being from the physical to the emotional and spiritual levels.

My clients are typically creative and active people who are seeking to be their best self and to be successful in diverse areas ranging from the arts and sciences, business, technology, community service, spiritual cultivation, and athletics.

Good candidates for this approach are people who seek to develop greater internal self-awareness, desire to overcome our blockages due to past trauma, are willing to feel and stay present to our own emotions, and are willing to take full responsibility for our own healing journey.


DACM, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
MBA, UC San Diego

BS, Chemical Biology, UC Berkeley

Currently, I am a faculty member at CUSV, a South Bay school of Chinese medicine (, teaching Chinese medical diagnosis and other related courses.

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